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​A:微信扫码即可打开小程序, 或者微信搜索小程序名称TPotato.


A: 进入小程序 -> 底部导航栏“个人” -> 点击小土豆vip卡 -> 领取羊毛卡 -> 回到“个人“ -> 我的卡券即可查看使用卡券


There is absolutely nothing to lose

We don't charge any onboarding fees, feel free to opt-in and opt-out our marketplace at anytime, we will only charge on completed sales on the Small Potatoes platform, so no sales, no cost.  


Massively enlarge your approachability

This is crucial for business growth. Digitalization is the future, FACT. We are here to help you with this, it's all about bring you under the spotlight, making you visible to the thousands of viewers everyday. We even can plan offers and activities with you, to acquire even higher exposure.


Boost your sales and revenue

You don't really have to bear anything, we charge the customers for a very small entry fee to the marketplace, all you need to do is to give us your best offer and discounts to better promote you. Then you basically just kick back and relax, and watch the traffic come to you.  

Data is about knowing your customers, like REALLY knowing them.

We say that data matters, translating into english, it means that nowadays data is efficiency. We let you know exactly how many vouchers you have given out and how many have been used. We will also let you know what vouchers/activities/products are your customers' favorites, and many many more!

So what are we after?

We really want to accumulate traffic, The more users we have, the more resources we have, so all we ask for you in return, is try and promote us, We give you the spotlight in the digital world, and we kindly ask you to share the spotlight with us in the physical world.

How it works
Our Story

Founded in 2020, Small Potatoes Tech as always been a pioneer in customized management provider. As a startup we understand how difficult it is from 0 to 1, and we are making use of our experiences to help small-medium size business to grow faster.

Our Vision

We always aim to provide our services in the most accommodating way to ensure a maximum value for your money. Working with our clients side by side to make sure they can be support whenever needed.


We provide fantastic digital features for your restaurants, helping you to know your customers. Professional in house development team and 7 days a week

 operation team ready to assist you at anytime.

Who are we
The Business Times

"Fast, reliable and efficient marketing solution"

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Tel: +44 (0) 7719609854

The Ingenuity Lab C16, The Ingenuity Centre Jubilee Campus University of Nottingham Nottingham, NG7 2TU

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